The ArchivesSpace program coordinates an ongoing program of webinars giving members of the ArchivesSpace community a chance to present about work in their own institutions and across the community. Check back frequently to see what other ArchivesSpace users are up to!

Upcoming webinars

Topic Speaker(s) Date
Batch Posting Barcodes in ArchivesSpace
  • Vakil Smallen, George Washington University 
October 23, 2019
2pm ET (11am PT)
ArchivesSpace Integrations Series:
Integrating ArchivesSpace and Aeon
  • Katie Gillespie, Atlas Systems
November 6, 2019
2pm ET (11am PT)
ArchivesSpace Integrations Series:
Integrating ArchivesSpace and Archive-It
  • Lori Donovan, Archive-It
  • Dallas Pillen, University of Michigan
December 4, 2019
2pm ET (11am PT)
ArchivesSpace Integrations Series:
Integrating ArchivesSpace and Aviary
  • Bertram Lyons, Aviary AVP
    Kevin Glick, Yale University
January 15, 2019
2pm ET (11am PT)

Past webinars

Topic Speaker(s) Date
ArchivesSpace Integrations Series:
Integrating ArchivesSpace and Preservica
  • Wendy Goodier, Preservica
  • Erica Schumann, Preservica
  • Sarah Cogley, University at Buffalo Special Collections
October 1, 2019
2pm ET (11am PT)
Introducing the PBSpace Plugin
  • Jason Corum, WGBH Media Library and Archives
September 26, 2019
2pm ET (11am PT)
ASpace Implementation Buddies
  • Christine Kim, ArchivesSpace
September 26, 2018
Reports Refactored
  • Sarah Morrissey, ArchivesSpace
July 31, 2018
Transforming XLS into EAD & Importing Component Hierarchies
  • Elizabeth Perkes, Utah State Archives
  • Jason Ronallo, North Carolina State University
  • Ben Johnson, Harvard Business School
  • Kelly Spring, East Carolina University
June 27, 2018
The Evolution of the Finding Aid: From Document to Data
  • Valerie Addonizio, Johns Hopkins University
May 16, 2018
A Bug's Life: From JIRA to Fix
  • Jason Loeffler, American Academy in Rome
  • Lydia Tang, Michigan State University
  • Patrick Galligan, Rockefeller Archive Center
  • Laney McGlohon, ArchivesSpace
April 11, 2018
Assessments Module: Overview, Design, and Implementation
  • Adrienne Pruitt, Tufts University
  • Dan Santamaria, Tufts University
  • Christie Peterson, Smith College
March 2, 2018
A Look at the New ArchivesSpace Technology & Development Roadmap
  • Christine Di Bella, ArchivesSpace
January 17, 2018
Unit Testing and the Testing Sub-Team: Varying Approaches to Testing ArchivesSpace Pre-Releases
  • Alexander Duryee, New York Public Library
  • Miloche Kottman, University of Kansas
December 14, 2017
ArchivesSpace PUI Overview and Implementation Strategies
  • Mark Custer, Yale University
  • Susan Pyzynski, Harvard University
  • Annie Benefiel, Grand Valley State University
  • Leigh Rupinski, Grand Valley State University
October 26, 2017
Preview of ArchivesSpace v1.5.0
  • Alston Coburn, Washington and Lee University
  • Christine Di Bella, ArchivesSpace
  • Noah Huffman, Duke University
  • Craig Savino, New York University
  • Rachel Searcy, New York University
  • Sally Vermaaten, New York University
July 5, 2016

If you’d like to present a webinar or have an idea for a topic, please contact us at ArchivesSpaceHome@lyrasis.org.