ArchivesSpace is currently only offering  virtual community-wide ArchivesSpace trainings.  These trainings will be offered on a regular basis through Spring of 2022.  To review upcoming training offerings, visit our Training Sessions page.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are not currently scheduling in-person trainings.  If you are interested in arranging a future training for your organization, please contact Jessica Crouch at  

Workshop topics currently available:

Upcoming & Past Sessions:

For a list of upcoming and past training sessions, please visit this Training Sessions page.

Online training options:

  • For upcoming virtual training opportunities, visit our Training Sessions page.
  • While most of our workshops have historically been offered in person, we are happy to discuss possibilities for offering our standard training topics online for an individual organization for a fee.
  • ArchivesSpace members have access to pre-recorded video tutorials in our Help Center.
  • If you’re not a member or are interested in additional web-based training, you may want to also check with our Registered Service Provider Atlas Systems, which has a video training library and is also beginning to offer live introductory ArchivesSpace training. More information is available at
  • If you’re looking for a quick intro and orientation to many of the basics of the system, the ArchivesSpace Getting Started page contains a series of resources, including previously recorded trainings, demos and webinars.

In-Person training options:

*Note: ArchivesSpace is not currently offering in-person workshops or trainings*

Although trainings cannot be shortened, multiple workshop topics may be offered in back-to-back sessions to keep instructor travel expenses low. Please contact us for workshop agendas.

Training Expenses for all workshops except Introduction to ArchivesSpace:

These are our standard terms for all workshops except Introduction to ArchivesSpace to encourage an active learning environment for all participants and ensure instructors are adequately compensated.

 Expense Member host Non-Member host
Honorarium for first instructor
(Up to 10 participants)
$750 per day $750 per day
Honorarium for second instructor
(Up to 35 participants)
(Honorarium for the second instructor will be subsidized by the ASpace program)
$750 per day
Documented expenses for first instructor Meals, lodging, and travel
(including parking & ground transportation)
Meals, lodging, and travel
(including parking & ground transportation)
Documented expenses for second instructor Meals, lodging, and travel
(including parking & ground transportation)
Meals, lodging, and travel
(including parking & ground transportation)
Workshop fee $1000 workshop fee
(Waived if all participants are from ASpace member institutions or if all participants are staff of the member host.)
$1000 workshop fee

Training Expenses for Introduction to ArchivesSpace workshops:

These are our standard terms to ensure the instructor is adequately compensated, but they are negotiable according to the financial constraints of the host:

 Expense  All Host Institutions
Honorarium for instructor
(Up to 35 participants)
$750 per day
Documented expenses for instructor Meals, lodging, and travel
(including parking & ground transportation)

Workshop facility & technology requirements:

  • The host is responsible for providing a workshop environment equipped with projector, screen, and internet connectivity for the instructor and all participants in the workshop.
  • For all workshops excluding the one day Introduction to ArchivesSpace workshop, all participants must have access to a computer and Internet connectivity. A computer lab/classroom works best, but another option is to have participants bring their own laptops.
  • For Introduction to ArchivesSpace workshops, we encourage participants to have access to a computer so that they can follow along with the instruction and do hands-on exercises, but it is not required.

Scheduling & logistics:

  • Scheduling is dependent on the needs of the host and instructor availability, but we can work with host institutions to try to find a good match in terms of dates. We generally need at least one month lead time to plan a workshop, but preferably more.
  • The host can invite whomever it wishes, including unaffiliated individuals or staff from other institutions. The host can also decide whether to implement a charge a registration fee to participants. (No percentage of this goes to the ArchivesSpace program, but it may be useful to cover workshop costs.)

About the ArchivesSpace trainers:

The ArchivesSpace training corps is composed of archivists, metadata analysts, and others with years of experience using ArchivesSpace. They are essentially experts in using ArchivesSpace and actively contribute to the instructional materials and the ArchivesSpace community.

If you would like to learn more about training and consultation opportunities, or if you are a power ArchivesSpace user and are interested in joining our trainer corps, please contact Jessica Crouch at

Next steps:

If you’d like to host or know of a group local to you that has available space and interest, Jessica Crouch ( is happy to help you set something up.