Many considering ArchivesSpace will already be using a different archival information management system. Even if you haven’t used another software application before for this purpose, you likely have paper or electronic finding aids, accession records or other ways (sometimes many different ways) your archives has managed your collection information to this point. It’s important when considering any software application that you know how much control you will have of your data and how you will be able to move it in and out of the system.

ArchivesSpace offers a number of different pathways for getting data into or out of ArchivesSpace. Some can be accessed from within the ArchivesSpace application while others may require additional technical knowledge or assistance from a system administrator. For any of the pathways, knowing how your data maps to ArchivesSpace, or how your data in ArchivesSpace maps to its intended destination, is key.

The following migration resources below are provided freely to all in the ArchivesSpace community. Members also have access to additional resources that draw on the vast experience of community members in making the move to ArchivesSpace and working across systems. Contact ArchivesSpaceHome@lyrasis.org for more information.

Archivists' Toolkit:

Older information


Older Information

Data Import and Export Maps

Except when noted, maps and templates are for the most current version of ArchivesSpace. You may see small differences when using an earlier version of ArchivesSpace.


OAI-PMH-only maps

Most of our OAI-PMH responses are based on the export maps above, but there are a few that are only available through OAI-PMH