Are you looking for a way for your technology or membership organization to build a closer connection to the ArchivesSpace community and show your support for the ArchivesSpace application?

ArchivesSpace helps many different sizes and types of archives and cultural institutions manage their collections efficiently and serve their users more effectively. Our members use many other technologies and are involved with many other membership organizations to achieve these purposes as well. Recognizing the interest of some organizations in having a closer relationship with ArchivesSpace and the benefit this could provide to our users, we’re launching an Affiliate program. The Affiliate program provides a way for many different kinds of organizations to work with us to support the ArchivesSpace community.

For a small annual fee, ArchivesSpace Affiliates get a number of benefits to enhance their visibility and connection with the ArchivesSpace community including:

  • Listing on our website as an ArchivesSpace Affiliate
  • Permission to use the ArchivesSpace Affiliate logo on your own website and in promotional materials
  • Access to the ArchivesSpace Help Center, which includes the user manual and video tutorials
  • Opportunity for up to two representatives of your organization to attend ArchivesSpace in-person member events such as the Annual Member Forum
  • Access to our Users Group member listserv for staff of your organization (please note: no general marketing and no harvesting of emails/mailing lists allowed)
  • Early notification of releases, events, and major initiatives

The Affiliate relationship is different from the Registered Service Provider and Consortium Provider relationships, which offer additional benefits. Learn more about becoming an RSP or a Consortium Provider.

Contact us at to learn more about becoming an ArchivesSpace Affiliate. Please note that to ensure affinities of purpose all applications from potential ArchivesSpace affiliates are subject to approval by the ArchivesSpace Governance Board.