1. When possible, first post your issue to the Users Group listserv ( Because the listserv has over 1100 subscribers with a range of expertise, many common issues will be resolved quickly this way and the community will benefit from the discussion and the solution.
  2. If you are unable to resolve the issue using the listserv, or if you think you need more individualized assistance from the start, email program staff at
  3. Program staff will respond to your issue and/or seek clarification via email. If it is beyond the program’s staff expertise, they will open a ticket with LYRASIS Technology Services.
  4. LYRASIS Technology Services will work with you directly to resolve the issue, usually via email, through their online ticketing system.

There is no limit on the number of requests a member organization may make for assistance. There are, however, limits to the complexity of issues that can be addressed. For example, membership does not include hosting, customization, data migration, or intensive data repair. We can provide you with strong guidance in these areas, but we can’t undertake the solutions themselves for you. If your issue requires assistance beyond what is possible through membership, we will alert you to this and suggest alternatives.

For issues having to do with functionality within the application, please continue to file bug reports and feature requests via JIRA at More information about filing these is available at and