ArchivesSpace Update – December 2019

December 23, 2019By Christine Di BellaMonthly Updates No Comments

Development We are working on the next release of ArchivesSpace, projected for early 2020. Some of the new features that are likely to be included are merging top containers, merging container profiles, and additional options for viewing results in the browse and search areas in the staff interface. The release will also have some performance … Read More

Webinar: Integrating ArchivesSpace and Aviary

December 17, 2019By Jessica Dowd CrouchWebinars No Comments

Link to webinar record Aviary webinar slides Yale webinar slides Webinar chat log ArchivesSpace is pleased to announce the fourth webinar in our series focused on Integrations with ArchivesSpace.  Each webinar in this series will highlight an integration with another application used in archives that ArchivesSpace members have worked on or requested.  The webinar series will feature both open source and … Read More

ArchivesSpace Update – November 2019

December 2, 2019By Jessica Dowd CrouchMonthly Updates No Comments

November 2019 Update Development As mentioned in the release announcement for ArchivesSpace v2.7.0, the changes in the languages area will require data cleanup to existing records for some people. Upon upgrade, existing language information is migrated to the new or newly structured fields. While some ways of recording information could be easily accommodated in this … Read More