The deadline for submission has been extended to April 1, 2022.  

We are particularly interested receiving submissions related to those topics and types of records marked with an asterisk in the list below.

In the wake of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor murders, and in the spirit of protest that followed, the ArchivesSpace community began a conversation about what it could do to promote diversity and inclusion while combating systemic racism in our field. That continuing conversation has led to a series of initiatives that we will undertake in the coming years, including an Inclusive Examples project.

For the Inclusive Examples project, ArchivesSpace is working with Brittany Newberry of Georgia State University to update the examples provided in its workshop materials and test databases. We want the examples to be more representative of the diverse institutions that use ArchivesSpace.

We are interested in adding examples from the ArchivesSpace user community. Below is a list of record types and collection types for which we are looking. In addition, we have created an agreement to provide information and expectations for how the data shared will be used.

If you are interested in participating, please email a signed agreement and the records you’d like to share in one of the formats listed. Email by Wednesday, March 23 [extended to April 1, 2022] and we will forward your submission to Brittany Newberry for review. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Possible Examples:

  • Types of Records:
    • Resource records (EAD, MarcXML, CSV, Excel spreadsheet)
    • Accessions (MarcXML, Excel spreadsheet, CSV) *
    • Digital Objects (CSV, Excel Spreadsheet)
    • Subjects and Agents (MarcXML, Excel spreadsheet, CSV, EAC-CPF)
  • Types of Institutions:
    • Academic/University records *
    • Corporate/Business archives *
    • Government
    • Religious *
    • Non-profit/community
    • Minority-serving
    • Museum
    • Public Library
    • Historical Society
    • BIPOC
    • LGBTQ+
    • Music/arts *

Data should be in a format that can easily be ingested into ArchivesSpace. Templates are available for the record types where CSV or spreadsheet formats are indicated. Please contact if you have questions about how to prepare your data.

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