Thank you to all who have been contributing thoughts and suggestions to our continuing discussions around how ArchivesSpace can support and amplify efforts around antiracism and inclusion, and how ArchivesSpace itself can be more inclusive over the last few months.

We announced at the Annual Forum yesterday that we’ve compiled the many ideas into a feedback form that will help guide some decisions about next steps. All ArchivesSpace users and community members are welcome to comment on these ideas or contribute new ideas. We are fortunate that we have received many excellent suggestions; you do not have to comment on all suggestions unless you want to.

The feedback form is available at

Some ideas may be fairly simple to implement, others may require considerable cooperation and discussion across the community, including the involvement of the ArchivesSpace Governance Board. The feedback you provide will help us work together to make as much progress as we can on these issues.

Please submit your feedback form responses by August 28 if you can. If you would like to reach out about this form, ideas, or next steps, please contact us at  at any time. We welcome your participation in any form.


    • Hi Jesse,

      ArchivesSpace is a software application some libraries and archives use to manage their collections. If you are interested in this recording, you’ll need to reach out to the library directly. It looks like this recording is held by Fort Hays State University.

      Jessica Crouch

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