The ArchivesSpace team is pleased to share the annual report covering the 2018/2019 membership term. This digital document celebrates our community’s many activities and accomplishments during the past year and provides some information on what’s planned for the future. Thanks to all of our members for all you’ve done and do to sustain and move the application and the program forward!

We encourage you to share the ArchivesSpace annual report with others at your institutions and anyone else with an interest in ArchivesSpace. We hope that it may be especially helpful in conveying the value of ArchivesSpace, and the value of ArchivesSpace membership, to resource allocators at your institutions.

Thanks to all who contributed ideas, images, and text to the report. We’re especially pleased this year to feature images contributed by a number of our members outside the United States. Most importantly, thanks to all of you for the community-centered work that this report represents.

We welcome feedback and ideas for future annual reports. Please feel free to email us at at any point.

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