We love all the activity on our ASpace Users Group Listserv, but we have received suggestions from a number of you that perhaps it is time to investigate adding a new listserv to our community to reflect the diversity in our concerns and discussions. The Users Group listserv has grown to become an incredible space to share and help troubleshoot technical knowledge and issues, but we’ve heard feedback from some ArchivesSpace members that it can be difficult to follow these discussions or post about less technical concerns.

Before we dive into adding another channel for people to connect, we’d like to explore your communication needs and how conversations on a new listserv might be distinct from the current ASpace Users Group Listserv. We have created a short survey to collect your suggestions and feedback, and invite you to share any thoughts you have to help clarify the purpose and parameters for potentially setting up a new listserv.

We really look forward to hearing your ideas. Please submit your survey response by January 15th. We appreciate your help!

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