We are thrilled about all the opportunities we had to get together in person through our regional forums this past year! With this momentum, we’d like to explore new ways our community can collaborate, communicate, and engage with each other through an online forum!

All community members are welcome to participate! We would love to highlight themes that are especially relevant to our small and very small community members, including our lone arrangers. We would also love to encourage our international (non-US) community members to participate as well, as we hope to offer a schedule that accommodates across time zones.

Would you like to participate in a Working Group to help shape the program content for the online forum? Community members from institutions of all sizes are welcome, but we especially encourage our small and very small members as well as international (non-US) members to participate as we build this program. Response requested by November 15. Email Christine Kim at christine.kim@lyrasis.org.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions (or ideas) related to the online forum. Thanks!

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