ArchivesSpace is announcing the availability of v2.5.1. You can download it at

This minor release contains program-led and community pull requests that provide feature enhancements, bug fixes, infrastructure improvements, and documentation updates. A focus of this release is continuing to improve the accessibility of the public and staff interfaces.

Thanks very much to community members James Bullen (on behalf of Yale University), Blake Carver, Chris Fitzpatrick, Chris Tanguay, Trevor Thornton, and Lora Woodford who made code contributions to this release. We also greatly appreciate the efforts of our Development Prioritization sub-team, Testing sub-team, Reports sub-team, and Core Committers Group, as well as individual ArchivesSpace users like Sue Luftschein and Adrienne Pruitt who identified and helped us work through particular bugs that are addressed in this release.

Information on upgrading to a new version of ArchivesSpace is available at If you have not yet upgraded to a recent version, we recommend going directly to 2.5.1.

If you have any questions or need help upgrading – or deciding whether to upgrade – please let us know.

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