Would you like to present at the ASpace Annual Member Forum? Are you still brainstorming ideas? Here are some suggestions that were submitted through our ideas form:

Possible discussions:

  • Legacy metadata: I’d be interested in a discussion of getting legacy metadata in various formats into ArchivesSpace (as in, not AT or Archon migrations). I can speak specifically about getting from .csv files, access database into ArchivesSpace, and using/modifying Stead for local use ; bulk date normalized (a la Bentley’s process), dummy top containers, and just general quandaries. We could talk tools, developing a toolkit of resources broken out by skill level and tech support availability, or something? I’d also be interested in a discussion of bulk metadata work against the API, whether through ArchivesSnake or just generally.
  • Batch clean-up: We use libraryhost as a hosting service, and I’m a lone arranger with little in the way of tech skills. I read the listserv but don’t understand most of the geek speak. If I want to do batch clean-up, is it possible for me to do that with something like OpenRefine or does my hosting service need to do that? (I’m guessing the latter.)
  • Wikidata and Archival Description: How might ArchivesSpace (both the community and the software) encourage more participation from archivists in their day-to-day work?
  • Basic start up, installation: Where do I begin from scratch?
  • OAI: I’d like to hear how institutions are using the new OAI functionality. Harvesting into discovery layers?

Possible (short) workshops:

  • APIs: I don’t understand APIs at all. Can someone explain AND demonstrate their use?
  • Custom reports: Developing custom reports from data pulled from ArchivesSpace using tools, like MySQL workbench
  • Assessments: I’d like to hear how other institutions are using the assessments module, and how it can be used to prioritize collection management.
  • Agents and Subjects: I would like it if there was a discussion on Agents and Subjects, particularly in regards to how to properly form Agents and Subjects within ArchivesSpace or how others are defining how they create them within ArchivesSpace.

These are just a handful of ideas! You can turn any of these suggestions into a presentation, workshop, or discussion topic. Or, feel free to submit on something new altogether! Send your ideas through this submission/suggestion form by June 26 for priority consideration.

Please email Kim at christine.kim@lyrasis.org if you have any questions. Thanks!

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