The ArchivesSpace program team is pleased to announce the availability of v2.3.2. This minor release contains several community pull requests and bug fixes.

You can download this release at

Please note that while we were originally planning to put out a larger release in March, we have identified some search, indexing and infrastructure issues that we consider necessary to address before continuing to add more functionality to the application. As such we are postponing our next major release until later in the year and will be updating the roadmap later this week to reflect this. While the roadmap always represents our best estimate as to what will get accomplished in a particular timeframe, sometimes we get thrown an unexpected curveball and this is one of them. You’ll see some additional messages from us in the coming weeks about progress on the issues to be addressed. Thanks for your patience as we do this important work to improve everyone’s ArchivesSpace experience.

Information on upgrading to a new version of ArchivesSpace is available at If you have not already upgraded to 2.3.0 or 2.3.1, we would recommend going directly to 2.3.2, but if you have already upgraded recently and would find it difficult to upgrade again so soon, we suggest upgrading to this release only if you need one of its specific changes right now.

Thanks to the community members who contributed their time, energy, and coding skills to this release. If you have any questions or need help upgrading, please let us know.

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