Contributed by: Laney McGlohon, Technical Lead, ArchivesSpace

The Core Committers Group is a sub-team of the Technical Advisory Council for ArchivesSpace. The inaugural group convened in July 2017 to encourage code and documentation contributions to ArchivesSpace from the community, as well as to provide support to community members who would like to contribute to the ArchivesSpace project. The current members of the sub-team have a range of expertise and were invited based on their level of engagement with the ArchivesSpace project including participation in meetings, on mailing lists and code contributions. The current list of sub-team members is available on the Core Committers Group wiki page.

The ArchivesSpace GitHub repository

The members of this group are provided access to write to the core code base in the ArchivesSpace GitHub repository and are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Monitor and respond to project mailing lists
  • Attend committers group meetings
  • Monitor and vet pull request and bug fixes on ArchivesSpace JIRA (link)
  • Review and commit code contributions
  • Welcome new contributors and help them through the code committing process
  • Stay active in the community

There are several wiki pages for community members interested in learning more about committing code and documentation to the ArchivesSpace project:

The Core Committers Group meets monthly to discuss modifications and innovations in the code and review new and open tickets. These meetings are open to all interested community members. Please feel free to join in on our calls!

Members of the Core Committers Group in attendance at the annual Code4Lib conference, 2018.

Laney McGlohon is the Technical Lead for ArchivesSpace where she is responsible for the overall development of the ArchivesSpace software application, manages a community-based code contribution process and works to engage a broader set of developers to participate in the community. Laney is an information scientist, software developer, librarian, and self-described data wrangler with seven years of experience working with special collections and institutional archivists.

All About Community is a blog series that highlights the many teams and groups that contribute to the growth and development of ArchivesSpace. This series aims to provide insight on how our diverse community comes together with a shared vision to preserve permanently valuable records and provide access to our researchers.

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