Contributed by: Mark Custer, Archivist and Metadata Coordinator, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Hi, everyone. This is Mark Custer, archivist and metadata coordinator at the Beinecke Library.

While working on the ArchivesSpace PUI Enhancement project, I often wondered how many institutions were using the PUI. Of course, I knew of a few institutions, such as Brandeis and USC, since two members on the PUI Design Working Group were representing those organizations, and they were already using the first iteration of the PUI at the time. But exactly how many institutions were using the PUI? I had no idea.

In May of 2016, I decided to see how many I could find. I searched for the PUI sites by exploiting the fact that the terms “ArchivesSpace Public Interface” are included in the HTML header of any ArchivesSpace website, unless the application is configured to change the application name. With that strategy, I could easily find 31 sites. A few, however, were clearly just meant to be testing sites, but since I could find them on the open web, I decided to count them.

In preparation for the October 26th Webinar, I went searching again. This time, my searching netted me a total of 48 different sites. Here’s a visual overview of everything that I could find by October 20th, 2017:

But this survey is far from complete. In fact, I just stumbled across a new site a few days ago and added it to the list. To get a more accurate count, I’d like to attempt crowdsourcing this survey. Here is the list of sites that I’ve found so far.

If you are using the PUI – regardless of ASpace version – and you don’t see your site represented here, please consider taking the following survey, which should take only a minute or two to fill out.

Survey Link:

Or, if you are using the ArchivesSpace staff interface but not using the ASpace PUI, you can take the same survey if you would like to share how you’re providing discovery of your archival collections.

At Yale, we are in the process of implementing the new ArchivesSpace PUI right now, with plans to have a beta available for researchers to use in early 2018. As soon as we open our site to search engines for indexing, I’ll add a link to our PUI to the list.

And surely once we list 100 PUI sites, the ArchivesSpace community will have to celebrate that achievement in some fashion!

Mark Custer is an archivist and metadata coordinator at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. He has been heavily involved with the implementation of ArchivesSpace at Yale University, and he is the former chair of the ArchivesSpace Public User Interface Enhancement Project.

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