The ArchivesSpace team is pleased to release version 2.1.0!

ArchivesSpace 2.1.0 features very substantial work from Hudson Molonglo (HM) as well as code contributions from community members. This release includes the production-ready new Public User Interface, as well as a beginning OAI-PMH responder, an expanded rights management module, and other smaller items.

You can download the new release from Github at Please see the technical documentation for information on how to upgrade your ArchivesSpace installations. Please note that because the old container code was removed for this release, there are some additional considerations if you are using a version of ArchivesSpace older than 1.5.0. Also, if you currently use rights statements, your data will be migrated to the new data model as part of the upgrade process.

This was a true community effort, and thanks to all who contributed, wrote specifications, participated in testing the release candidates, and provided the feedback that led to the many improvements in this release. Particular thanks to

  • Mark Custer for his tireless leadership of the Public User Interface Enhancement Project
  • Susan Pyzynski, Cory Nimer, and Scott Schwartz for their intrepid testing of the PUI in its development phase
  • The many members who participated over the course of the PUI effort, including Bobbi Fox, Melissa Wisner, Maura Carbone, Krista Ferrante, Linda Hocking, Sue Luftschein, Matt Francis, Claryn Spies, Mariella Soprano, Elisa Piccio, Dara Flynn, Jessica Dowd Crouch, and Cate Putrirskis.
  • Yale University and Harvard University for their financial and development support of the PUI effort
  • Max Eckard, Brad Westbrook, and Hillel Arnold for writing the rights statements specification
  • Cory Nimer, Gordon Daines, and Jason Loeffler for writing the OAI-PMH specification, and Carolyn Runyon for her substantial comments that improved it.

Community pull requests from Steve Majewski, Dave Mayo, Br. Paul (@Perticus), Chris Fitzpatrick, Clay Oster, and Mohamed Mohideen Abdul Rasheed also improved this release. Thanks as always to Mark Cooper and Blake Carver of LYRASIS DTS for their technical support.

We are very happy to bring this long-awaited release to you and welcome your feedback. Please let us know if you have questions or encounter problems executing the upgrade. We expect to put out a minor ArchivesSpace release in mid-August.

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