The ArchivesSpace Governance Board recently approved a resolution honoring Bradley Westbrook, ArchivesSpace’s founding program manager and longtime leader in archival information management. The text of the resolution was presented to him in February, and is as follows:

Whereas, for more than a decade Bradley Westbrook has been a visionary leader in meeting the needs of the archival community for archival management software, including his central role in the genesis of the Archivists Toolkit, which later merged into ArchivesSpace;

Whereas, Bradley Westbrook has been a tireless major contributor to the development of ArchivesSpace from its inception;

Whereas, Bradley Westbrook served as the founding Program Manager of the new ArchivesSpace membership organization, uniting the archival community in a common enterprise to sustain, enhance and help each other to use the ArchivesSpace software;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the ArchivesSpace Board of Governors expresses its deepest gratitude and appreciation to Bradley Westbrook and commends him for his singular vision, leadership and dedication in the creation of ArchivesSpace and its sustaining membership organization.

We thank Brad for all his many contributions to our community and for his singular vision in making ArchivesSpace a reality.

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