As part of the strategy to move the ArchivesSpace code development forward more quickly, LYRASIS, the Organizational Home for ArchivesSpace, is pleased to announce a long-term development partnership agreement has been signed with Hudson Molonglo (HM). This partnership will run for the duration of the fiscal year. The primary goal is to allow HM to focus on high-impact code development while the ArchivesSpace community continues to grow code contributions from within.

Why is this partnership important? We know that one of ArchivesSpace members’ highest priorities is the improved functionality of the software. As such, HM will begin immediate work on identified bug fixes and minor improvements to improve efficiency. In November, work will commence on more intricate stack improvements, new feature development and the creation of a development road map. Work will follow the path as outlined in the ArchivesSpace development catalog and/or prioritized by the ArchivesSpace Prioritization sub team.

In sum, we are delighted to be partnering with HM.  As many of you know, HM built version 1.0 of ArchivesSpace and has been responsible for significant code contributions since, including the new container management functionality and location enhancements present in the 1.5.0 release. HM is also currently working on the highly anticipated Public User Interface.

This partnership will not slow the ongoing effort to hire the Tech Lead Position.

We look forward to working together for the benefit of the ArchivesSpace community!

For more information about ArchivesSpace, Hudson Molonglo or LYRASIS, please visit: