LYRASIS is the organizational home for ArchivesSpace. As our organizational home, LYRASIS provides many resources and services to help grow, support and amplify our community’s contributions. Our partnership with LYRASIS enables the ArchivesSpace community to focus on program-specific needs and priorities, free from the burden of building common types of infrastructure that are necessary for long term success and sustainability.

What does LYRASIS provide as Organizational Home to ArchivesSpace?

  • Strong fiscal and administrative infrastructure from expert financial, human resources and communications professionals
  • Increased promotion via LYRASIS’ broad network of members and visibility in the wider archives, library, and museum community
  • Opportunities to collaborate with LYRASIS open source and community supported software experts
  • Support from LYRASIS Digital Technology Services including code contributions, workshop support, and expert hosting and management of shared instances for community use
  • Grant assistance and exposure to new grant opportunities through the LYRASIS Grants and Partnerships Program
  • The stability and security that come from partnering with a well-regarded and long-standing non-profit organization

You can learn more about LYRASIS’ involvement in providing organizational homes for community-supported software communities at https://lyrasisnow.org/what-is-an-organizational-home/.