ArchivesSpace is the next-generation web-based archives information management system, designed by archivists and supported by diverse archival repositories.

ArchivesSpace is an open source, web application for managing archives information.  The application is designed to support core functions in archives administration such as accessioning; description and arrangement of processed materials including analog, hybrid, and born-digital content; management of authorities (agents and subjects) and rights; and reference service.  The application supports collection management through collection management records, tracking of events, and a growing number of  administrative reports.  The application also functions as a metadata authoring tool, enabling the generation of EAD, MARCXML, MODS, Dublin Core, and METS formatted data.

ArchivesSpace is a program with a current staff of 5.75 FTE, a community of over 400 members, and three administrative groups—a Governance Board (elected), a Technical Advisory Council (appointed), and an User Advisory Council (appointed)—and published BylawsLYRASIS is the organizational home for ArchivesSpace.

ArchivesSpace Mission Statement

ArchivesSpace is a community of mutual support committed to helping cultural heritage organizations foster access to, and promote discovery of, historical records and primary sources through the provision of sustainable and highly functional software and tools.

ArchivesSpace Guiding Principles

  1. Develop and release ArchivesSpace software and tools in ways that are compatible with open source principles.
  2. Foster a community of mutual support that makes it possible for users to help each other and themselves.
  3. Establish and maintain membership and governance structures that ensure participation of diverse cultural heritage organizations, regardless of type, size, or geographic location.
  4. Develop a healthy ecosystem of partners to provide support and enhancement for ArchivesSpace that benefit a wide spectrum of users.
  5. Facilitate cooperative development in compliance with best practices and responsive to archival standards.
  6. Ensure the long-term sustainability and maintenance of ArchivesSpace software and tools.