Why Become an RSP?

As an open source application, the ArchivesSpace application is available to any organization who chooses to download it and run it. Organizations wishing to provide ArchivesSpace services are not required to become a Registered Service Provider, but only Registered Service Providers have access to the following benefits:

  • Access to the ArchivesSpace user documentation
  • Access to ArchivesSpace Users Group listserv
  • Ability to use the ArchivesSpace logo on RSP's website
  • Eligibility to be appointed to a seat on the ArchivesSpace Technical Advisory Council
  • Permission to adapt ArchivesSpace documentation for local use and include ArchivesSpace logo (may not copy ArchivesSpace documentation in whole or in part)
  • Ability to access ArchivesSpace Technical Support
  • Eligibility to attend ArchivesSpace member events
  • Name and logo (if desired) on ArchivesSpace Registered Service Provider website

How to Become an RSP:

ArchivesSpace RSPs pay an annual fee each fiscal year (July 1-June 30) to the ArchivesSpace Home Organization; it is based on a July 1- June 30 fiscal year. First year fees are the same for all RSPs. The annual fees in subsequent years are based on a formula that provides for a decrease in cost according to the number of ArchivesSpace member organizations the RSP is serving. 1

The first year fee is $15,000 with pro-rated rates available for organizations joining after July 1. Please note: pro-rated rates are available through the third quarter (months 1-9; July - March) of the fiscal year. After April 1, the first year fee will resume at $15,000, though the RSP will be given a term of the remaining months of the year, plus the full twelve months of the next fiscal year.

In successive years, the RSP annual fees will be discounted based on the percentage of organizations served by the RSP that are ASpace members. To help ensure sustainability, the discounted fee will not fall below a minimum baseline. Baseline fees are $3,000 for RSPs serving 10 organizations and $5,000 for RSPs serving more than 10 organizations.

To calculate the fee: 

  1. Determine the percentage of organizations served that are ASpace members. (e.g., if 7 organizations are served and six are ASpace members, then 86% are members)
  2. Discount the $15,000 fee by that percentage. (e.g., $15,000 less 86%, or $12,900, is $2,100.)
  3. The fee will either be the fully discounted amount or the baseline, whichever is greater. (e.g., since the above example uses an organization serving 10 or fewer members, the fee will be the baseline of $3,000.)

If you or your organization are interested in becoming an ArchivesSpace Registered Service Provider, please contact ArchivesSpaceHome@lyrasis.org.

1 Because these memberships also support ArchivesSpace’s sustainability, there is a benefit to Service Providers who encourage their clients to become full ArchivesSpace members (in addition, these members can have access to additional, ArchivesSpace member-based help documentation built into the application).