ArchivesSpace welcomes the use of the ArchivesSpace application as a teaching tool by archives and library educators. To support this use, Educational Program Membership is available to archives and library educational programs at no cost.

Educational Program Membership differs from General Membership in the following ways:

There is no charge to the educational program for ArchivesSpace membership.

Educational Program Members are listed among the ArchivesSpace members but are designated as Educational Program Members.

Each educational program appoints a person to be the coordinator for the membership who serves as the point of contact with the ArchivesSpace program team and mediates use of the application and member resources by students, i.e., participants, enrolled in courses offered by the program.

A membership account is established for the education program in the ArchivesSpace authentication system, which is accessible only to members and provides access to user support documentation and other resources. An authentication record will be created for the coordinator, and the coordinator will create all subsequent authentication records for the educational program. The coordinator is permitted to create authentication records for any participants enrolled in courses offered by the program.

The coordinator mediates and forwards to the ArchivesSpace program team questions about using the application and application bug reports. The coordinator, as well as the participants in the program, do not have direct access to the help desk or user forum.

Participants of Educational Program Members

Are not able to participate in governance activities such as the Board of Trustees, User Advisory Council, and Technical Advisory Council.

Are not subscribed to the ArchivesSpace members representative list or the ArchivesSpace users group list.

To learn more about Educational Program Membership or to begin the enrollment process, please contact the Program Office at